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Updated 01/05/05

As we start our 3rd year we have lots of exciting news and new products.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!   2005

We have new Dealer price list effective 01/01/05
It contains 39 new LMR products and 50 price reductions.
We have added over 100 new products in all...

  • New Two way radio Batteries
    Motorola 9013, Li-ion radio Battery (HNN9013)
    Maxon QPA1200 Radio battery
    GE M/A-Com Ericsson Panther 600P TOPB100H


    GE PCS Battery , improved Plastics, also MH version
    and many more...

  • 12 new Intrinsically Safe batteries
    Call for info......

  • A complete New Line of Two Way Chargers, Desktop and Multi Station
    including Tri-Chemistry Chargers

  • A expanded Line of Barcode Scanner Batteries

  • Expanded Powertool Line to include Milwaukee, Panasonic

  • PDA Batteries


  • A complete Line of Midtronics and Schumacher Chargers, Testers

    Improved Logistics
    via DHL, Fed EX, UPS , EMS or Broker
    We also Offer LTL Shipping on SLA, Exide, Optima

    Within U.S , Canada and Mexico