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About Us
Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide High Quality, Low Cost Batteries to every segment of the Market. To shorten the distance between "The Actual" Manufacturer of the products and the end user. To create a Company that provides ease of purchase and speed of delivery with Superior Quality, directly to the end user of the products. This Company and this process will save everyone, including Taxpayers money and time. A business of any kind should be about providing a high Quality product or service to the customer at a fair and reasonable price. The Customer should not have to suffer Delivery or Quality issues for reasons that the Company or the Customer cannot affect or work together to resolve.

History: BatteryJack was conceived by a worker at a current U.S Battery Pack Supplier. BatteryJack is just recently incorporated in July of 2002. The Owners and asscosiates have over 70 combined years of experience in the Rechargable Battery Industry. We have working experience with the LMR and Cell Phone during the mid 90's when the entire industry was growing by 20 to 30% per year. We also have working experience through the decline and saturation of the industry. We have a vast understanding of Chemistry, Electronics and Mechanical considerations. BatteryJack also has vast experience in Logistics, Inventory Mangement and Customer Service. Outside of recent experience, we have been satisfying and exceeding customer expectations for 20 years. Our Production facilty in China is ISO9002. We will offer the broadest range of Rechargeable/Replacement Battery Pack Solutions in the World.

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People: At BatteryJack, we understand your concern for Quality. Some "So-called" Assemblers talk about the Quality of Battery Packs that they don't even produce. They Buy them, label them and then tell you they made them. Is that Quality? How would they know? They didn't make them. In a sense, Our Quality starts right here. What you see, is what you get. What we promise, is what you should expect. Should a Battery Pack be able to withstand 6 drops from 6 feet on 6 sides to concrete? YES! Should a Battery Pack retain 65% of initial capacity after 500 cycles? YES!! Don't accept less than you expect. Don't pay more than you should.